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Game Summary:

A strange character named Titus seems to be trapped within a mysterious mansion and he is speaking to you through a half-completed book. As you transverse your way through the various rooms and areas of the complex, you discover a series of unique puzzles that will challenge your every wit and wisdom. With each successfully solved puzzle, you recover an additional page to the ancient book, getting you that much closer to setting Titus free. What happens after that… well, you’ll have to play to find out!

How to Play:

It’s hard to say exactly how you play Azada, because each stage isn’t quite like the one that preceded it. There are times when you’ll have to solve a jigsaw puzzle, whereas other times, you’ll have to solve a point-and-click mystery that involves several steps. As an example of the latter, you may be challenged to find a matchstick in a trash can, a match box in a drawer, and a special piece of paper on the wall, combining all three elements to reveal a special message. Each level is wholly unique and that is the biggest appeal of this game.

Tips & Hints:

To get through each successive chapter in this offering, you’ll have to unlock a number of different “pages”, each associated with a special puzzle. If you happen to come across one that is especially difficult, you can always back out and try any of the other pages. Not in the mood for a matching game? Not a problem; just try another page. For the point-and-click adventures, special locations on the screen will glisten as your mouse cursor grazes over it. Click there to discover its secret.